Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC Caveat emptor, pronounced /kævi.ɑːt emptor/, is Latin for "Let the buyer beware".


FLash...... Benchmark's Credit Repair Contract - For $595 Initial set up and $37 Monthly Payments, Benchmark provides credit repair .. yeah right .. here is the contact!

The company that we're describing is :Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC It operates under a number of names including Cobalt Funding Group.
65 Enterprise Suite 320
Aliso Viejo California 92658
United States of America
Phone:  800-630-3946
Web Address:
Marcus Davin, President and CEO

How Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC Treated Our Company

Dating back to 2002, Kennon has had several leases with Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC or other companies owned or managed by Marcus Davin. We've always met thel terms, paid promptly by ACH from our bank and purchased the equipment in the end. We were one of Marcus Davin's most loyal customers.

In March 2009 Benchmark, Marcus started billing us for a lease that did not exist. Shame ... we paid as usual .. shame on you Marcus. On January 5, 2011 the Superior Court, Orange Californial issued a judgement against Benchmark in Kennon's favor. .

The Purpose of This Web Site

Benchmark Finance Losers is dedicated to all small businesses that have lost most to Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC.

The purpose of this web site is to complied links related to Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC, Blue Dot Financial Group and IFC Credit Corporation. So that you will not need to search for it. In other words, we are collecting information so that you can form your own opinion about Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC.


I am solely responsibility for reporting what transpired between Kennon Products, Inc and Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC.

I intend however, to share links to all the information that I can find, positive and negative about the management and ownership of: Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC, Blue Dot Financial Group and IFC Credit Corporation. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information others from others.

Marcus Davin owns or has owned or managed Bluedot Funding, IFC Credit and Benchmark Financial Services Groups, LLC. I have invited Mr. Marcus Davin or Benchmark Financial Groups to respond to anything that I post.

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Benchmark Fraud

Leasing Scammers

Have you been scammed by Marcus Davin, aka Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC, Cobalt Funding Group, Partners Captial Group, Cobalt Funding Group or MD Captital Partners, INC,? with an address of 65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

I get on average of 2 calls a week from business that have.

Here is what to do and whom to contact: Please do it today:

1. Contact and tell your story (briefly to) :

Lease Police, Inc. 
1400 Preston Rd.
Suite 400 
Plano, TX 75093 
972-665-9915 -Fax

2. Report the scam to the California Department of Business Oversight (follow directions):

Here is the information on the scoundrels:

Lic. Status:   Active License   Lic. Date:   Aug 22 2011 (Lender/Broker) 
 Lic. Number:   603I948   Lic. Type:   California Finance Lender 
 Address:   65 ENTERPRISE 
 ALISO VIEJO,  CA  92656 

3. Have you been scammed via a banking transaction or fraud accross state lines contact:

Orange County (formerly Santa Ana)

4000 W. Metropolitan Drive, Suite 200
Orange, CA 92868
Phone: (714) 939-8699

Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 1809
Santa Ana, CA 92702

County: Orange

4. Email me and let me know that you are among those who have been victimized. This will be helpful information to have should we be called to help prosecute. Until your identity is protected, and even if when we are called, you will be given the option to participate in bringing these thiefs to justice.:

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Hey! Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC are you changing your name to Cobalt Funding?

You can tell a Marcus Davin Website because it puffs up his den of thiefs..

We receive 3 or 4 stories a week from victims who have been ripped off by
Marcus Davin and his band of thiefs. Each and every one is told that their lease has been approved. They are told to send a check for first, last and fees. They are told to fax a copy of that check. As soon as the thiefs receive the faxed check, Marcus or one of his minions deposit by the numbers on the faxed check.

Then guess what? The deal changes. The customer wants the deposit back. Marcus and his band of thiefs don't return the money.

Marcus pays a commission to his staff for ripping vicitms off. How do I know that? I know many folks who have worked for him.

Have a story to share ... please email me

If you are a former employee, by all means call me. 307-674-6498

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band of thiefs.

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