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  Caveat emptor, pronounced /kævi.ɑːt emptor/, is Latin for "Let the buyer beware".

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Ron Kensey

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My name is Ron Kensey. I own Kennon Products, Inc. We make aircraft covers for the Department of Defense and have been protecting high value assetsfor over30 years.

Kennon has received many awards. The one I am most proud of is the "Blue Chip Enterprise Award" for our exceptional customer service. It was presented by the US Chamber of Commerce, Nation's Business Magazine and Connecticut Mutual Insurance Company.

And then there is Marcus Davin and Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC and or Blue Dot Funding. Our story is sad but true.

Each of ourweb sites rank high among the top search engines. I expect this one to to be no different You can help by linking to and by sharing this link with your friends.

Soon we will go viral on the social media outlets such as Facebook, UTUBE, Twitter.

Contact me if you have stories or find links that I've missed.

We have decided to put some major resources behind this effort. Why? you ask. Ifsave at least one business from going through what we are going through, then it is worth the time.

I forgive Marcus Davin. Only God can judge. God help the greedy who lie, cheat and steal.

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Read What Others Are Saying About Benchmark Financial Services Groups, LLC

Questions and Answers

Question: It is not uncommon for a leasing company to charge rent for the equipment if you don't tell them 60 days prior to the end of the lease that you intend to buy the equipment. Isn't that what happened to you?

Answer: No. We had several leases. We did terminate a lease with a different contract number in November 2008 with the purchase of the equipment.

This dispute has to do with a phony made up lease/contract number on an invoice that we continued to pay until I caught it.

Question: Benchmark claims to have received an award from the US Chamber of Commerce for being 2009 Best of Aliso Viejo
Machinery & Equipment Finance Leasing
. If what you say is true how do they win awards?

Answer: Here is what the Better Business Bureau says about the award.